Family Inn Fifty's, an American style budget hotel in central Osaka!
Family Inn Fifty's
Good for families and group travellers for economical pricing and flexible bed rooms capable upto 3 persons!

Recommended! Breakfast Access
Every bed room contains a queen-sized bed and a sofa bed, so that it is capable for a single traveller, a couple travellers, and a group and a family upto 3 persons.
All the rooms are equipped with a private bath and a toilet.
No-smoking type is available.
Enjoy our free-of-charge breakfast including take-as-much bread, boiled egg, coffee, tea, orange juice, etc.breakfast information Fifty's is located in a 20 min. bus reach (JPY200) from Osaka Station. It is also a 10 min. walk from Awaza Station and a 15 min. walk from Higobashi Station.access information

Fifty's Family Inn Fifty's : 2-6-18 Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0002
Tel. 06-6225-2636 / Email.
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